Thursday, February 28, 2013

Introduction - Who the heck is H&A?!

Hello Everyone! It is time Hawley & Associates (H&A) breaks out of it's shy cage and starts to flirt a little with Social Media.

The short of who H&A is - we do Child Welfare insurance, because it's what we know. Our passion is helping families and communities by getting rid of the daunting task of protecting and insuring themselves, without spending unnecessary amounts of money. It all started with an idea of one Phillip Hawley, he realized that there were plenty of brokers and agents that did Commercial Insurance and even specialized in certain niches - Construction, technology, restaurants and so forth. However, there was no one that focused on helping the Child Welfare industry! Probably because it's not an easy one to insure! (Claims made policies, abuse and molestation coverages - not a cake walk!) He realized that most insurance programs that were put together for Adoption and foster care agencies were overpriced and often didn't even give them the coverage they needed. In 2005 Phil started Hawley & Associates LLC. It spread all over the nation and grew quickly because the industry needed help!

Now it is 2013 and the company is expanding to other Social Service and Humanitarian organizations because we want to help as many as possible! We could give you a lot of "blah blah blah" about how we can save you money and sales "mumbo jumbo" about service but there is a lot more to it than that. Why don't you talk to us and find out more, because our results speak for themselves!