Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How One Agent Adopted a Niche within a Niche – As published by the Insurance Journal – Feb. 2019

Hawley & Associates is in existence for just one reason; to provide specialized insurance solutions for the nonprofit and social service community.  It has always been and will continue to be our sole focus!

We would like to share a wonderful article recently published by the Insurance Journal about the founding of Hawley & Associates, our niche market and the roots of our unique mission.

We would like to thank our clients for allowing our mission to empower your mission!

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Source: Insurance Journal, February 4th, 2019 | Volume 97 No. 3

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cyber Extortion Up in 2018

According to Proofpoint’s newest Quarterly Threat Report, Q4 2018, the threat of Ransomware did decline at the end of 2018, but has opened the door for out-right cyber extortion.

Extortion is an age-old crime that has found its way into the cyber world.  This threat continues to gain traction as a multi-million-dollar criminal industry. The newest trend is in the form of “sextortion,” in which a cyber-criminal threatens to reveal compromising information (i.e. photos, videos or visits to questionable websites) if the victim does not pay a fee. They may even claim to have “evidence” of compromising activities. These emails generally do not contain malware or a malicious link and rely solely on fear, emotion and the human factor to trick victims into paying.

As the threat of cyber extortion continues to grow, staying one step ahead is your best recourse in combating this ever-increasing threat. Addressing your organizations’ vulnerabilities, developing appropriate policies and procedures, using up-to-date technology to secure your networks and securing the right insurance coverage are integral parts in your risk management arsenal.

For more information on cyber insurance, and how it can help protect your organization, please contact Hawley & Associates at www.hawleyandassociates.com.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

When Insuring Your Foster Care Agency ~ Contact A Specialist!

As of September 2016, there were an estimated 437,465 children in foster care system. As a foster care agency, you are invested in the lives of children who are living with past neglect, abuse or trauma. Reuniting them with their biological families or finding a loving adoptive family is at the heart of your mission.
​Many foster care agencies are facing increased premiums or non-renewal notices from their insurance carriers due to the high-risk factors associated with foster care, as well as an increase in lawsuits and high settlement amounts.  The insurance markets are shrinking, and many brokers are finding it difficult to secure insurance for their foster care clients.
As the first brokerage in the country to specialize in adoption and foster care, Hawley & Associates continues to be a leader in providing foster care agencies with the comprehensive insurance programs they need to perform their important mission.