Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cyber Liability Insurance for Your Non-Profit / For-Profit Business

Yet another cyber-security breach. This time, effecting Adobe Systems, Inc. and 38 million customers. It just reminds all of us on how delicate our infrastructure really is. If this were to happen to your organization, would you know what to do? Would you be prepared? Would your insurance policy cover losses incurred because of the Internet?

More and more businesses are electing to add Cyber Liability insurance to their general and employment liability policies. A good Cyber Liability policy can pick up where your General Liability policy leaves off. This type of coverage may help cover things like public relations, the cost of notifying customers of the breach, regulatory fines or penalties and even cash in hand to keep your company running until things are “business as usual”.

Hawley & Associates takes pride in assisting Social Service and Child Welfare agencies (i.e. Adoption Agencies, Foster Care, Residential Treatment Centers, Group Homes, Educational Institutes, Non-Profit/For-Profits and more!) around the world by analyzing their risks and creating a Cyber Liability policy to meet their needs and budget.

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